Alternative Treatments

Alternative Options for Better Health Diagnosis and Treatment

PSI Medical is proud to offer alternative services to go along with our bioidentical hormone programs and cosmetic procedures. We at PSI Medical believe that patients should always have options in regards to their treatment. Our goal is to provide our patients with as much information as possible so they can make an educated decision on what to do with their health.


These options range from pain-free, radiation-free AND compression-free PRIVATE healthy Breast Thermography Screenings that scan the body for inflammation to Infrared Sauna sessions that stimulate the body to detoxify on a cellular level.

We are excited to announce these new services and be able to offer our patients a more natural and health-friendly way to stay looking young and feeling vibrant & healthy.

Breast Thermography

What is Thermography?

Thermography screens the body for inflammation. This is done non-invasively with an infrared camera. This is 100% safer and more effective than taking an X-ray of someone because there are no harmful radiation waves going through their body. Thermography ONLY measures the heat that emits from the body (thermal patterns). The thermal patterns that the camera measures from a person’s body show where they are experiencing inflammation. Any disease, disorder or problem starts with inflammation, so these thermal imaging scans pinpoint exactly where the problem is in the body.

Thermography has been comprehensively researched for over 30 years. While it is not a replacement for mammography, it may have many valuable assets including earlier detection of neovascular patterns (blood supply), as an adjunct to inconclusive mammograms, improved detection for women with dense breasts or implants or a reasonable alternative for women who refuse mammograms.

There are 3 Areas Thermography Can be Used

  • Inflammatory Phenomena- This could include early detection of cardiovascular disease, arthritis, Fibromyalgia or trauma such as strains, sprains or chronic pain.
  • Neovascular Phenomena – Cancer is fed by the body’s own blood supply. This development of early vascularity is detected well before anatomical changes occur that will be detected with other screening tools.
  • Neurological Phenomena – Chronic regional pain syndrome, nerve irritation can cause referred pain in other areas. Circulatory deficits are easily seen in thermographic images.

There are different scans available:

  • A Women’s or Men’s Health Screening covers the abdomen to the top of the head (without arms).
  • A Cardiac Screening covers the Head and Neck, specifically looking for signs of Cardiovascular Disease, the number 1 killer of men and women in America.
  • A Region of Interest Screening covers whatever region of the body you are interested in getting scanned.
  • A full body screening covers all regions of the body.

Thermography Facts

  • Thermography is accurate: as a routine screening tool, it has been shown to be 97% effective at detecting benign vs. malignant breast abnormalities.
  • Thermography is safe as it does not emit ANY harmful waves.
  • Your report is written by a Medical Doctor.
  • Breast thermography has an average sensitivity and specificity of 90%.
  • An abnormal thermogram is 10 times more significant as a future risk indicator for breast cancer than a first order family history of the disease.
  • A persistent abnormal thermogram carries with it a 22x higher risk of future breast cancer.
  • In 1982, the FDA approved breast thermography as an adjunct diagnostic breast cancer screening procedure.
  • Extensive clinical trials have shown that breast thermography significantly augments the long-term survival rates of its recipients by as much as 61%. When used as a multimodal approach (clinical exam + mammography + thermography), 95% of early stage cancers will be detected.

At PSI Medical we believe empowering you is the best way to take control of your health and longevity.