Hormone Therapy for Men

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Program for Men

While bioidentical hormone therapy for women is well known and often in the news, it is only recently that the need for similar therapies for men has begun to be discussed in the media. However, the need for men’s hormone therapy has not been overlooked within the medical field. PSI Medical has developed a revolutionary Bioidentical Hormone Program that can help any man to look and feel his best!


Over the course of a man’s life, his testosterone levels begin to drop because the body naturally produces less and less of this hormone that is crucial to every man’s well-being. With the natural decrease in testosterone, the average male reaches what is termed “andropause” sometime around the age of 50. Andropause, the medical term used to signify male menopause, can cause many symptoms that restrict you from looking and feeling your best. Decreased sexual desire, droopy skin, loss of muscle mass, mood swings, depression, as well as other symptoms, are all problems that are due to the dip in testosterone. These problems can lead to the desire for cosmetic surgery. With PSI Medical, it is possible to delay or even eliminate this need or to enhance and prolonged results from a current or past procedure. With PSI Medical’s Bioidentical Hormone Program, you no longer have to “deal” with the symptoms of andropause, but instead, you can regain control over your life. It is always possible to look and feel your best, no matter what your age!

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PSI Medical Basics

Decades of research, discoveries, and improvements within the hormone therapy fields have resulted in PSI Medical’s revolutionary Bio-Equivalent Hormone Program customized to maximize results without inconveniencing your current lifestyle. PSI Medical’s Bioidentical Hormone Program consists of an easy and painless insertion of a customized bio-equivalent hormone pellet under your skin. When insertion is complete, the PSI Medical pellet will release a balanced dose of testosterone that your body needs when necessary. With PSI Medical, your hormone therapy is 100% customized for you, allowing for only the necessary amount of testosterone to enter your bloodstream. The carefully balanced release of measured testosterone allows for you to achieve maximum results without the roller-coaster effect that many hormone therapies have. With maximum results, you will look and feel your best. In addition, PSI Medical is maintenance-free, once inserted you can return to your usual lifestyle and experience the improvements as they occur. On average, PSI Medical pellets only need replacement every three to six months, allowing you to eliminate the hassle of remembering a cream or pill every day.

What are PSI Medical Pellets made from?

Unlike other hormone therapies, the pellets that PSI Medical uses are designed to replicate your body’s natural hormones exactly, making them bio-equivalent. This means that your body cannot distinguish the difference between PSI Medical’s hormones and your own natural hormones, lessening the probability of side effects and maximizing results. Made up of only natural plant-based ingredients, PSI Medical pellets do not contain any additives or unnatural substances harmful to your body.

PSI Medical Treatment

The PSI Medical Bioidentical Hormone Program is simple and convenient. After the application of a mild anesthetic, a small customized-for-you PSI Medical pellet is placed discreetly under your skin, usually in the hip region. The first visit, as well as any follow-up visits, takes only about ten minutes, allowing you to get on with your life in the best way possible

PSI Medical Benefits

The benefits to PSI Medical’s Hormone Program are endless. The side effects of andropause no longer need to be ‘dealt’ with, they can be eliminated! By working with Dr. Grafton to customize a PSI Medical Bioidentical Hormone Program based on your needs and desires, you will begin to look and feel like a better version of yourself. A carefully customized plan of properly balancing all necessary levels of testosterone, as well as any other necessary hormones will work to achieve the best ‘you’ possible. Hormones are essential to every element of your well-being, and when properly balanced in a natural way, they will improve your overall lifestyle as well as your appearance.

  • Firmer more youthful skin
  • Elimination or delay of the need for cosmetic surgery
  • Faster healing / better results from past and future surgeries
  • Loss of unwanted body fat / increase in lean body muscle
  • increased sexual desire
  • Stabilization of moods
  • More Energy
  • Reprieve from depression and anxiety
  • PSI Medical Side Effects

It is rare to experience side effects while receiving PSI Medical’s Hormone treatment. Side effects will differ according to your customized hormone therapy plan. In the past, reports of side effects have been limited but have included decreased sperm count, decreased testicular mass, and possible prostate enlargement. Any side effects are treatable and can be eliminated by communicating with Dr. Grafton and adjusting your current hormone therapy to find the best treatment for you!

What Do I Do Now?

Now that you know the basics of PSI Medical’s BHRT Program it is time to call us at PSI Medical or fill out our quick form to schedule an initial free consultation. At the first meeting, Dr. Grafton will address any questions or concerns you may have, as well as measure your current hormone levels. By working with your current symptoms, lifestyle, diet, and needs, you and Dr. Grafton will customize a plan designed to help achieve the best ‘you’ possible!