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3 Essential Treatments to Boost Sexual Endurance

3 Essential Treatments to Boost Sexual Endurance

Pleasurable sexual intimacy can enhance your life, relationships, and overall health. But what if you’re having trouble lasting long enough to benefit?  

Also known as sexual stamina, your sexual endurance is how long you’re able to stay active during sex. If your endurance is suffering, you can take steps to improve matters.

At PSI Medical Group in Wixom, Michigan, Dr. Robert Grafton and our team believe that everyone deserves access to exceptional wellness care, including sexual health care.

Here’s a look at several treatments that can help boost your sexual endurance and benefit your wellness at the same time.

Factors that limit sexual endurance

A range of factors can reduce your sexual endurance, including physical conditions, emotional challenges, and increasing age. While there are many ways to enjoy physical intimacy that don’t involve intercourse or penetration, it’s natural to miss these types of sex when your stamina decreases. 

Issues that commonly reduce sexual endurance include:

Many of these issues become more likely with age, especially from middle age on. And one can fuel another. If you’ve had too little sleep, for example, your desire for sex and ability to get or stay aroused will likely suffer. 

Chronic diseases, such as diabetes and sleep apnea, can also contribute to reduced sexual endurance. 

Treatments that boost sexual endurance

While lifestyle changes — such as better eating, exercising, and maintaining good sleeping habits — often improve sexual function, medical treatments can go a long way. 

Depending on the cause and severity of your endurance issues, we may recommend:

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy

PRP therapy uses platelets and plasma from your own blood to reduce vaginal dryness and make penetration more comfortable and pleasurable. PRP injections can also improve blood flow, making penile erections stronger and longer-lasting.

GAINSWave® therapy

If you’re prone to ED due to circulation problems, GAINSWave can help. It uses acoustic sound waves to increase blood flow to the penis and encourage new blood vessels to form. GAINSWave can also reduce microplaque accumulations that interfere with erections. 

Bioidentical hormone therapy

If your sexual stamina issues stem from low estrogen or testosterone levels, hormone therapy provides a solution. Dr. Grafton customizes the treatment using bioidentical hormones, which are chemically identical to those your body creates. 

Administered through pellets placed beneath your skin, the hormones move through your body in a steady stream until they reach optimum levels. 

To learn more or get personalized treatment for increasing your sexual endurance, call us at PSI Medical Group in Wixom, Michigan, or book an appointment through our convenient website scheduler today.

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