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How Can Peptides Enhance Muscle Mass?

How Can Peptides Enhance Muscle Mass?

If you have your sights set on increased muscle mass, you’re not alone. It’s often one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Many people aspire for a leaner, fitter physique for aesthetic reasons or sports performance.

While there’s no replacement for strength training to meet those goals, peptides may enhance the process. 

At PSI Medical Group in Wixom, Michigan, Dr. Robert Grafton offers peptide therapy for a range of health and wellness benefits.

Here’s a closer look at peptides for muscle growth, including how they work and what to expect from your treatment.

Peptides and your muscles

Peptides are amino acids or building blocks of protein. Your body contains peptides, as do protein-rich foods, such as eggs and meat. Peptide therapy involves supplemental peptides, which may be synthetic or derived from food.

Peptides are believed to break down more easily in the body than proteins, and they rapidly make it into your bloodstream. Because your muscles consist of about 80% protein, supplemental peptides may help you build muscle mass more efficiently.

While peptide research is limited, an animal study showed that peptides significantly increased muscle mass in mice.

Muscle-supportive peptides we offer in supplement form include:

Treatments that may enhance your physique goals when paired with peptide therapy include IV nutrition therapy, immune optimization, and bioidentical hormone therapy.

Other benefits of peptide therapy

Peptide therapy may enhance your wellness in a number of ways, from increased immune function to reduced inflammation. We also recommend supplemental peptides for preventing blood clots and lowering blood pressure.

Increased peptide volume may enhance your fitness goals in another less direct way, too. By helping you feel more energized, peptides may make strengthening workouts more feasible and effective. 

Peptides have also been shown to reduce body fat, which may lead to a more toned or ripped look.

Getting started with peptide therapy

The first step in peptide therapy involves an assessment by Dr. Grafton to ensure that you’re a good candidate. We recommend steering clear of non-medically guided peptides, given that many supplements turn out to be risky scams.

If you’re approved for peptides, Dr. Grafton tailors your supplements to meet your specific needs. You then start taking them as part of your daily routine. 

Dr. Grafton monitors your progress, both to help you stay on track and to address any side effects you experience. While peptide therapy is generally considered safe, some patients experience elevated blood sugar, increased appetite, headaches, or fluid retention.

To learn more about peptides or get support around your wellness goals, call us at PSI Medical Group or book an appointment through our convenient website scheduler today.

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