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How Your Sex Life Changes as You Age

How Your Sex Life Changes as You Age

Aging can affect most parts of your life, including what happens in the bedroom. While gratifying sex is possible at most any age in adulthood, you may find that the increasing years bring new challenges. When that happens, our team is here to help. 

At PSI Medical Group in Wixom, Michigan, Dr. Robert Grafton provides sexual health treatments to help you make the most of intimacy through the years. 

Let’s take a closer look at sex and aging, including common concerns and ways to manage them.

Libido changes

A variety of factors can influence how often or intensely you desire sex as you age. Some people find that menopause or retirement, for example, brings a sense of freedom that bolsters desire, due to no longer needing birth control or having fewer responsibilities. 

Around the same time, many others experience a drop in libido, brought on by low estrogen or testosterone levels. Insecurities about body changes associated with aging may also reduce your sex drive.

While a dramatic libido change on its own isn’t cause for alarm, it can be distressing, especially if you notice a significant mismatch in your relationship. Your moods suffer from missing the desire and intimacy you once enjoyed, too. 

Reduced sexual function

Aging may also make way for other types of sexual dysfunction, which is basically anything that keeps you from experiencing the satisfying sex you wish you could enjoy.

Issues that become more likely after age 40 and through your senior years include:

These types of sexual dysfunction may stem from hormonal changes, chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, or certain medications, such as antidepressants. 

And once sexual dysfunction sets in, it’s easy to experience anxiety or stress around performing well or letting a partner down, which can exacerbate matters. If you already have erection challenges, for example, feeling anxious about them can make arousal even tougher. 

What to do about age-related sex life changes 

If you’re bothered by changes in your sexual function or desires, expert support can go far. Once we rule out or address any underlying illness, you may benefit from:

You may also benefit from improved exercise or sleeping habits and better managing stress, given that inactivity, sleep loss, and stress can hinder arousal and libido.

To learn more about sexuality and aging or get the sexual health support you need, call us at PSI Medical Group or book an appointment through our convenient website scheduler today.

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