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Learn How IV Therapy Can Boost Your Energy

Learn How IV Therapy Can Boost Your Energy

Only about 1 in 7 adults in the United States wake up feeling refreshed and energized, and daytime low energy and fatigue are very common complaints. If these scenarios sound like pages from your diary, you may want to consider IV therapy.

While this intravenous treatment isn’t a replacement for medical care or sleep you need, IV therapy can play a role in improved energy levels.

At PSI Medical Group in Wixom, Michigan, Dr. Robert Grafton offers IV therapy to invite a variety of important benefits.

If you’ve been feeling low in the energy department, read on to learn how this minimally invasive treatment may help.

IV therapy basics

IV therapy, also known as IV vitamin therapy, delivers fluids and micronutrients directly into your bloodstream. So rather than needing time for processing in your digestive system, the mixture takes effect quickly.

At PSI Medical Group, we offer customized blends to suit your specific needs and overall health. Popular blends we may recommend include high-dose vitamin C, anti-viral, and Myers’ cocktail. 

Named after one of the physicians who developed it, the Myers’ cocktail contains B and C vitamins, magnesium, and calcium. Although research is limited, this mixture is used to treat everything from anxiety and depression to migraines and muscle spasms. 

We also offer intravenous Plaquex® IV, which uses the chemical phosphatidylcholine to treat arterial plaque buildup. By improving your circulation, it may lead to other benefits as well.

Once we’ve determined your ideal IV therapy blend, you simply relax while the mixture enters your bloodstream through a vein. The whole process takes 20-60 minutes.

How IV therapy boosts energy

IV therapy won’t give you energy, but boosted energy is a common byproduct of alleviating conditions it addresses, particularly dehydration. 

Considered the top reason people feel better after the treatment, restored fluid levels can also reduce energy-draining dehydration symptoms, like headaches, confusion, and low blood pressure.

If you have a nutrient deficiency, correcting the deficit through an infusion can lead to a restored sense of vitality. Vitamin B12 deficiencies, for example, commonly cause tiredness — so if you take care of that lack, you’ll feel more alert, too. 

And if IV therapy strengthens your immune function, a potential benefit of vitamin C, you may be less prone to energy-draining infections.

Alcohol can disrupt the water balance in the cells in your muscles, leading to energy depletion and dehydration. So by improving your fluid balance, IV therapy can help restore energy and minimize hangover symptoms after you’ve been intoxicated.

Good candidates for energy-boosting IV therapy

You may be an excellent candidate for IV therapy if you eat a restrictive diet or have difficulty staying hydrated. Other dehydration signs to look out for include dry mouth, thirst, fast breathing, and reduced urine output. 

Exercising in hot weather raises your risk, so you could consider IV therapy a helpful part of your summertime fitness plans. 

Chronic hormone and digestive conditions may also make you a good candidate for IV therapy, given that both issues raise your risk of a nutrient deficiency. The same goes for any medical condition that interferes with nutrient absorption.

To find out if IV therapy is right for you or get the energy support you need, call us at PSI Medical Group or book an appointment through our convenient website scheduler today.

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