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Traditional vs. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Traditional vs. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are tiny chemical messengers that play a big role in your overall wellness. Numerous factors can offset your hormone levels, leading to deficiencies and bothersome symptoms. Two very common factors are aging and menopause.

If you’re struggling with a hormone imbalance, you may want to consider hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which restores normal levels and your well-being.

Our team at PSI Medical Group, led by Dr. Robert Grafton in Wixom, Michigan, offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), a natural hormone treatment many people prefer.

Let’s explore HRT, including differences between traditional and bioidentical options and what to expect from your treatment.

How HRT helps your symptoms

Even slight hormone imbalances can cause symptoms that interfere with your daily life. When you lack estrogen or testosterone — which can happen due to menopause, aging, thyroid disease, or cancer treatment — you can experience:

HRT brings your hormone levels back to a healthy range to turn these symptoms around. Your hormones may be replenished through a patch, cream, oral pills, or pellets placed beneath your skin. 

Traditional vs. bioidentical HRT

While traditional HRT uses synthetic hormones, sometimes made from the urine of pregnant horses, BHRT uses hormones from plant sources. Both treatments can safely and effectively improve your hormone levels. 

If you prefer a more naturally sourced or vegan option, BHRT may be your best bet. But make sure you work with a qualified professional, as bioidentical pellets have caused side effects for post-menopausal women in some cases. 

What to expect from the hormone replacement program

At PSI Medical Group, we will tell you exactly what your BHRT pellets contain. Because your body can’t distinguish between hormones that your body produces and our 100% natural pellets, we believe they guard against side effects and maximize your results. 

Before we place your customized PSI Medical hormone pellet (typically in your hip region), we apply a topical anesthetic to prevent discomfort. Each appointment takes only about 10 minutes. 

Afterward, you can go about your day as usual. You should notice benefits within a few weeks to a few months.

To learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or find out if you’re a good candidate, call us at PSI Medical Group in Wixom, Michigan, or book an appointment through our convenient website scheduler today.

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